Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Officers in many counties are forced to store patrol boats, ATVs, and other equipment outside exposed to the detrimental effects of rain and sunlight. Budget restrictions and state purchasing rules often prevent the placement of protective sheds in many rural areas. Generous contributions to EAW recently allowed for the placement of a storage shed in District 5 Wilcox county. Placed on Federal property within a locked gate, the structure will ensure maximum useful life and readiness of patrol vessels. No more rain soaked seats, sun-cracked upholstery, or piles of leaves in the floorboard for these boats!

The Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Law Enforcement Canine team continues to improve. Contributions to Equip Alabama Wardens recently allowed for upgraded tracking collars for most of the Division canines. These collars will allow for real time surveillance of dogs on the track of fugitives, poachers, or lost persons. Justin Messick, owner of Show-N-Go Dog Supplies in Opp, Alabama, provided these collars to the EAW program at his cost. Thanks to all who made this possible!

Tracking systems are essential components of DCNR K9 Teams. These systems add a layer of safety and protection for the tracking dogs, as well as aid in the expedient location of missing persons and fugitives by the K9 Teams. Thanks to EAW donors, the tracking systems are now in the field and each K9 Team is fully outfitted with updated tracking equipment for our 4 Legged Partners!

Although it might not fit the typical description of "officer safety" equipment, catch poles, heavy gloves and animal carriers are critical in ensuring the safe handling of illegal, captive, sick, injured, or otherwise nuisance wildlife. Generous donations allowed the purchase and assignment of ten sets of heavy leather gloves, hard leash / catch poles and transport cages which will be assigned to conservation officers throughout the state.

Generous donations to the Equip Alabama Wardens program allowed for the purchase of light attachments for duty rifles for Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Officers. Thanks to those contributors who helped make this possible!

Thanks to generous donors, several Officers in District 2, 3 and 4 are now equipped with a winch. A winch not only helps an Officer out of bind, but can be put to good use when responding to natural disasters and assisting other first responders or citizens in need.