What is Equip Alabama Wardens?

Equip Alabama Wardens is a program of the Alabama Conservation Enforcement Officers Association (ACEOA) designed to provide tools and equipment needed by officers (game wardens) in protecting wildlife resources and safeguarding landowners and the public.

How does Equip Alabama Wardens work?

Specific equipment needs are identified by local officers and vetted through law enforcement program administrators. Those items are reviewed by the ACEOA Board of Directors and posted to the website www.EquipAlabamaWardens.org for viewing. Willing donors can contribute any amount toward the purchase of a region-specific item and receive a 501(c)(3) confirmation of contribution for tax purposes. The ACEOA Board of Directors oversees the purchase of the intended item and the transfer direct to officers in need.

What is the Industry and Landowner Council?

Equip Alabama Wardens started in large part because private citizens recognized a need and took action through the ACEOA to build a platform from which to launch the program. These same individuals continue to act on behalf of EAW in networking with private corporations, business and landowners to make the program work. These civic minded volunteers serve as our Industry and Landowner Council.

Where does my contribution go?

100% of every donation to Equip Alabama Wardens goes directly to the item purchase. All items purchased become the property of the Department of Conservation. All costs for administration of this program are covered by ACEOA income from advertising sales, membership dues, or other sources.

Why did the ACEOA start Equip Alabama Wardens?

Law enforcement programs of the Department of Conservation have historically operated on shoestring budgets and depend almost wholly upon user fees such as license sales for their operations. They are largely ineligible for Federal funds, therefore spending cuts are felt quickly. Budgets typically cover bare essentials only, which can result in officers doing without certain equipment. The availability of proper equipment makes a critical difference in protecting the resources and the public.

Who is the ACEOA?

The ACEOA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded by officers of the Alabama Department of Conservation. Our mission is to ensure wildlife and fishery resources are conserved for future generations and we work to achieve that goal through education and outreach programs and support of sound conservation law enforcement. We are funded through membership dues, sales of advertising, and tax-deductible donations. Learn more about the ACEOA at aceoa.org.