A grant from the Alabama Association of Rescue Squads, along with matching funds from generous EAW supporters was recently utilized to equip Conservation Enforcement Officer K9 units with thermal imaging devices and upgraded tracking systems. This equipment will greatly assist K9 teams with the protection of your natural resources and search and rescue of lost persons.

The Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Law Enforcement Canine team continues to improve. Contributions to Equip Alabama Wardens recently allowed for upgraded tracking collars for most of the Division canines. These collars will allow for real time surveillance of dogs on the track of fugitives, poachers, or lost persons. Justin Messick, owner of Show-N-Go Dog Supplies in Opp, Alabama, provided these collars to the EAW program at his cost. Thanks to all who made this possible!

Tracking systems are essential components of DCNR K9 Teams. These systems add a layer of safety and protection for the tracking dogs, as well as aid in the expedient location of missing persons and fugitives by the K9 Teams. Thanks to EAW donors, the tracking systems are now in the field and each K9 Team is fully outfitted with updated tracking equipment for our 4 Legged Partners!

Thanks to generous donors, several Officers in District 2, 3 and 4 are now equipped with a winch. A winch not only helps an Officer out of bind, but can be put to good use when responding to natural disasters and assisting other first responders or citizens in need.

Reid Gaston with Equip Alabama Wardens presents AEDs purchased with EAW donations to Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Assistant Chief Heath Walls. Training and outreach events often take place in remote areas, far from immediate medical care. AEDs are vital life saving devices that can be on hand to assist, if a cardiac emergency occurs.

Thanks to the Alabama Power Foundation 5 more patrol boats are better equipped to protect our natural resources, citizens, and Officers. Quality sonar units equipped with chart plotting capabilities aid in identifying commercial fishing gear placed underwater for inspection by Officers to ensure applicable laws and regulations are followed. A sonar unit also enhances an Officer's ability to assist in search and recovery efforts of missing persons and vehicles in the marine environment and adds another layer of protection to the Officer when patrolling waterways in times of limited visibility.

Thank you to the Alabama Power Foundation for the purchase of the sonars.